Анальный секс в радость для молоденькой красивой сучкина
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I shall come in Moscow at the end of August. I do not know Dr. Nogol family, I hope, they have not forgotten me! Several copper and gold areas in ring-structures were found. Our institute will carry out there searches and estimation of gold deposits.

A Nogol addresses and I can not write to them. Therefore I frequently recollected the hot winter days which have been carried spent in Драма осексуальных отношениях матери и сына. In Moscow this year practically there was no summer- there were rains and solar days was 6-7.

I hope, that you do not become angry with me, as I continue concerns to you with the special warm. Scientific Geoinformation Center Academy of Sciences of Russia. ? Degree: engineer-geologist ore deposits mapping, searching and prospectingshotfirer. I hope, that we shall be still seen. Geological exploration and hummering in Sistan-Balouchistan province with Анальный секс в радость для молоденькой красивой сучкина multiband images interpretation and GIS analysis.

Transfer hi all by mine familiar and friends. Degree: Doctor of Philosophy Geology - ore deposits exploration, air-space photographs interpretation, geological structures and morphostuctures methods. I frequently recollect Dr. I regret, that in Iran between us was some disagreements.

I wish to all strong health and happiness in life. Transfer them that after my stories about Iran many mine familiar and the friends have found out that the kind, clever people there live.